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  • Our long-sleeve, turtleneck leotard is ultra-stretchy, providing support and a touch of control so your lines are clean and your silhouette enhanced. Since the NDCA and USA Dance changed to black tops for women's syllabus, our turtleneck has been a best seller. This piece provides a sleek style while not skimping on coverage, allowing the dancer to focus on their floor craft and performance rather than their wardrobe. We especially recommend this piece with our standard skirt for smooth/standard syllabus.  


    Please Note:

    It is generally recommended that dancers use an invisible-finish antiperspirant/deodorant to avoid white marks.

    Turtleneck Leotard


    We recommend washing this leotard in a mesh garment bag in cold water on a gentle cycle. Use a mild liquid detergent to avoid soap scum. White vinegar helps neutralize sweat and body odors and is safe to use on our leotards. Simply add a cup to a tub of warm water and soak your clothing for 1-3 hours before washing. No bleach. You may tumble dry on low but hang to complete drying.

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