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  • Our men's shirt is a foundational piece for syllabus. The zippered closure provides an exceptionally smooth front and the snap crotch ensures a clean and "tucked" appearance. This is also an excellent option as a layering piece for use under a smooth-style jacket or vest. While NDCA rules require men's syllabus to be worn in white, the black option makes a beautiful base piece for a team or open costume. Made from 100% polyester. We recommend a pure white compression shirt underneath for the most professional results. 


    Please Note:

    Our white option includes a black bowtie. The black option does not include a bowtie.

    Basic Syllabus Shirt


    We recommend washing your basic syllabus shirt alone, on gentle, and without harsh detergents. Cold water is best. Tumble dry on low but hang to complete drying. The white shirt may allow transfer of color from other items. White vinegar helps neutralize sweat and body odors and is safe to use on our leotards. Simply add a cup to a tub of warm water and soak your clothing for 1-3 hours before washing.

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